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Managing Routing


Routing Engine is a system component which is indended to determine the route of processed operation.

Routing engine is responsible for automating dynamic Routing Rules and Routing Strategies.

Routing rules are defined in the Routing Scheme, which is set for the Payout Point.

Routing Scheme contains dynamic Routing rules that are executed when the conditions match, which are defined for context attributes.


Routing Strategy

Payout Routing Strategy describes how payouts are routed.

If all the conditions of the rule are met, the routing strategy is established for it's available routes.


Funds are debited in equal shares from each route.

Load balancing (Weight)

Funds are debited proportionally (as a percentage) from each routeIt is available to set load percentage manualy.

Optimisation By Deposit Account Balance & Limits

The funds are debited off from routes as the balance decreases (taking into account limits).


  1. Filter routes for which you can write off for a specific amount.
  2. Choosing a route with maximum balance.
  3. Performing an operation.

Optimisation By Conversion

Optimisation By Cost