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Self-Serve Portal


The Chargebee Self-Serve Portal allows your end customers to manage their accounts and subscriptions by themselves. Unlike other vendors, our self-serve portal can be opened inside your app rather than redirecting to a different page.

These are the below actions which your end customers can perform,

  • View/Edit account details
  • View/Download invoices
  • View/Edit subscription details
  • View/Edit payment details
  • View/Edit billing and shipping details
  • Cancel/Reactivate thier subscription

#Customizations & Settings

You can also configure which actions you end customers can perform by navigating to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal. in chargebee app.

You can have a look at the various settings which we have in this page.

#Integration Options

There are two ways in which you can integrate Chargebee self-serve portal,

#Via Drop-in script

If you rely on Chargebee to take care of your end user authentication, integrate via drop in script.

Jump to this page for the 'drop-in' script based integration steps.

#Via API

If you have your own mechanism for authenticating your users, then you can use Chargebee's Single Sign-On (SSO) capability for providing portal access to your users for managing their billing and subscription details.

Jump to this page for API based integration steps.