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Currency Accounts





Currency account operations

Comerce operations are devided into 2 groups : Low- and High-level.



Commerce Low-level operations relates to the ledger and are direct operations with balances!

  • Deposit — direct replenishment of the currency account
  • Withdrawal
  • Transfer — operation between two currency accounts**of the same currency and different **commerce accounts (within certain organisation)


To use these operations Ledger scheme of the certain commerce account must be simple.

If it is none — currency account balances and ledger will be unavailable.

This property is set on the commerce account creation step.


  • Payment invoice
  • Payout invoice

Operation Workflow Status

An Operation Status represents it's current state. This property is displayed in the Operation Overview section within the Dashboard.

Workflow statuses has two properties:

  • Final

    • Final: means that the operation processing is finished and requires no further processing.
    • Non-final: intermediate states of the workflow and there may be further status updates
  • Slepping state

Payment process may also be in the sleeping state.

These status properties are displayed in the Status Table for each operation type.