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Activity Log


Protecting data, preserving privacy, and complying with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation are certainly some of the highest priorities for your business. It's critical that you audit the entirety of data processing actions taking place to be able to analyze for possible security breaches.

Also, this allows you to put a check and balance system in place so when things go out of control, you can figure out what went wrong, who did it, and how to fix it.

Activity log

Why Log User Activities?

Obviously you trust users that is why you have given them access to do certain things on your organization. However, people make mistakes all the time. If you knew who made a mistake and what they did wrong, then you can quickly correct it and also teach the user how to avoid this mistake in the future. For example, if a moderator approved a comment that doesn’t fit your comment guidelines, then you can quickly correct their mistake, notify them and it will save you time in the future.

It also allows you to get better editorial control of your organization. You can see which resources were modified and which payments/payouts were manually processed. Which users accessed the organization and the tasks they performed upon arrival.

What's logged?

A list of what's logged with Activity Logging.

Event code Description
org:created New organisation created
org.profile:updated Organisation profile updated
org.member:invited Team member invited
org.member:joined Team member joined
org.member:declined Team member declined
org.member:updated Team member updated
org.member:deactivated Team member deactivated
org.member:activated Team member activated
org.api_key:created API key created
org.api_key:updated API key updated
deposit_account:created Deposit account created
deposit_account:updated Deposit account updated
provider_account:created Provider account created
provider_account:updated Provider account updated
merchant_account:created Merchant account created
merchant_account:updated Merchant account updated
payment_route:updated Payment route updated
payment_routing_scheme:created Payment routing scheme created
payment_routing_scheme:updated Payment routing scheme updated
payout_route:updated Payout route updated
payout_routing_scheme:created Payout routing scheme created
payout_routing_scheme:updated Payout routing scheme updated
fx_rate_scheme:created FX rate scheme created
fx_rate_scheme:updated FX rate scheme updated
com.scheme:created Commerce scheme created
com.scheme:updated Commerce scheme updated
com.scheme_payment_service:updated Commerce scheme payment service updated
com.scheme_payout_service:updated Commerce scheme payout service updated
com.account:created Commerce account created
com.account:updated Commerce account updated