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Website: Square

Login: Square

Follow the guidance for setting up a connection with Square payment service provider.

Set up account

Step 1: Sign up for the Square account

Sign up to the Square system and create an account. Then at your online Square Dashboard, go to the Seller portal and provide details about your store.

Verify your identity to be allowed to accept payments at your Point of Sale. Link your bank accounts for payments.


You must activate your Square account for payments by visiting before you can process card payments in production.

Set up your production Location in the Seller Dashboard: Account & SettingsBusinessLocations.


Step 2: Get credentials

Note that Square uses different credentials for testing and production. Find them at the Developer Dashboard.

  • Access Token at [Application]Credentials


  • Location ID at [Application]Locations (you can also control them in the Seller Dashboard settings).


To receive Callbacks (Webhooks) from Square, enable them at [Application]Webhooks and add as Notification URL.


Connect Account

Step 1. Connect account at the Corefy Dashboard

Press Connect at Square Provider Overview page in 'New connection' and choose Provider account option to open Connection form.


Enter credentials:

  • Access Token
  • Location

Also, toggle Test Mode for test connection and, in that case, use test credentials.


You have connected Square account.

Still looking for help connecting your Square account?

Please contact our support team!