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Pay-Logic Connector


Here You can find instructions for setting up Pay-Logic account.

Setup account

Step 1 Create Agent and Point

Contact with Pay-Logic Support Manager to get help with creating.

Step 2: Configure Point

  1. Open "Points" section.

  2. Go to the Point settings

  3. (Optional) Add all necessary IP adressess to the White list, including Corefy white-list IP addresses

  4. Generate keys

  5. Download Keys

  6. Save the configuration.

Point Config

Step 3: Get required credentials

  • Point ID

    • Go to the "Points" list and find ID column

    Point ID

  • Service ID

    • Ask Pay-Logic Support Manager for this ID
  • Private Key

    • Get Private key from Keys archive from Step 2
  • Public Key

    • Get Private key from Keys archive from Step 2
    • Encode in base64 (You can use any online service to encode, for example:


You have configured account!

Connect account

Step 1: Copy required credentials

Step 2: Enter credentials

  • Point ID
  • Service ID
  • Private Key
  • Public Key (base64)


Press Connect at Pay-Logic Provider Overview page in New connection section to open Connection form!

Step 3: Set up additional parameters

  • Test mode


This parameters are set according to your Merchant account type!



You have connected Pay-Logic!