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Liqpay: Connecting merchant account


Here You can find instructions for setting up Liqpay account!

Setup merchant account

Step 1: Open merchant account settings

Step 1

Step 2: Go to "API" section

Step 2

Step 3: Set up parameters

  • Availability of order_id
  • Signature availability (signature)
  • Add all necessary IP adressess to the White list, including Corefy white-list IP addresses.
  • Save settings

Step 3


You have configured account

Connect merchant account

Step 1: Copy credentials

  • Public key
  • Private key

Step 5

Step 2: Enter credentials

  • Public key
  • Private key


Press Connect at LiqPay Provider Overview page in New connection section to open Connection form!

Step 3: Choose provider's currencies

Step 10


You have connected LiqPay merchant account!