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Facilitating International Financial Transfers !


Set up Account

Step 1: Create merchant account

To create an account send connection request at the or contact manager directly. Submit the required documents to verify your account and gain access.

Step 2: Get required credentials

Credentials that have to be issued:

  • API key

Connect Provider Account

Step 1. Connect Provider account at the Corefy Dashboard

Press Connect at iPague Provider Overview page in 'New connection' section and choose Provider account option to open Connection form.


Enter credentials:

  • API key → API key


You have connected iPague Provider account!

API examples for payouts:

Data set to create a payout

POST /api/commerce/payout-invoices HTTP/1.1

  "data": {
    "type": "payout-invoice",
    "attributes": {
      "service": "pix_brl",
      "commerce_account": "hhbbhnn",
      "currency": "BRL",
      "amount": 11,
      "test_mode": false,
      "reference_id": "63303f79-8ac9-4785-97d4-57de5afba7d3",
      "fields": {
        "cpf_number": "678686867",
        "beneficiary_name": "John",
        "beneficiary_lastname": "Doe",
        "pix_key": "johndo**********123m",
        "account_type": "CPF"
      "options": {
        "attempts_limit": 0,
        "split_mode": false,
        "allow_partially": false,
        "auto_process": true

Data set to create a payment

POST /api/commerce/payment-invoices HTTP/1.0

Still looking for help connecting your iPague account?

Please contact our support team!