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Payments without borders


Follow the guidance for setting up a connection with inqud as a payment service provider.

Set up Account

Step 1: Contact inqud support manager

Sign up to the Merchant Account. Submit the required documents to verify it and gain full access.

Step 2: Get credentials

Get from the inqud support team required credentials:

  • X-Token-API-Id - Identifier of the token (started with TKN- prefix)
  • X-Token-API-Secret - Token secret
  • X-Salt - Salt for HmacSHA256 function


Be sure to check with the manager if you require to provide a white list of IPs, and if so, specify IP addresses from the Corefy list.

Connect a provider account

Step 1. Connect an account at the Corefy dashboard

Press Connect at inqud Provider Overview page in 'New connection' and open Connection form.


Enter credentials:

  • X-Token-API-Id → Token ID
  • X-Token-API-Secret → Token secret
  • X-Salt → Salt


You have connected the inqud provider account!

Still looking for help connecting your inqud account?

Please contact our support team!