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Convenient and secure digital wallet on Telegram


Set Up account

Step 1: Create AnyCash wallet

Since this digital wallet for sending funds with Telegram, you should have your trusted account in this messenger.

Press the 'Create Wallet' button or find @AnyCashBot directly on Telegram. Run /start

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2: Contact AnyCash Manager and get required credentials

Credentials that have to be issued:

  • Merchant ID
  • Signature key


Be sure to check with the manager if you require to provide a white list of IPs, and if so, specify IP addresses from the Corefy list.

Connect Account

Step 1. Connect account at the Corefy Dashboard

Press Connect at Any.Cash Provider Overview page in 'New connection' and choose Provider account option to open Connection form.


Enter credentials:

  • Merchant ID → Merchant
  • Signature key


You have connected Any.Cash account!

Still looking for help connecting your Any.Cash account?

Please contact our support team!