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Account: log in

Follow the guidance for setting up a connection with AdvCash payment provider.

Set Up Account

Step 1: Register or login into your account at

Step 1

Step 2: Open profile settings

Step 1.1

Step 3: Go to "API AND SCI FOR DEVELOPERS" section

Step 1.2

Set Up API


Skip this section if you have already configured API.

Step 1: Create New API

Step 1

Step 2: Set up the properties

  • API Name
  • IP Addresses (comma-separated list): add all necessary IP addresses including Corefy white-list IP addresses
  • API Password

  • Tick all checkboxes:

    • Accounts Verification
    • Get Balance per Wallet
    • Find Transaction
    • Transaction history
    • Make Transactions

Step 2

Step 3: Confirm changes


To confirm the changes, follow the link with instructions that AdvCash send to your primary email.

Step 3


You have set up and activated API.

Set Up SCI


Skip this section if you have already configured SCI.


To activate SCI, first, you should verify account.

Step 3.0

Step 1: Create New SCI

Step 3.1

Step 2: Set up basic properties

  • Tick the option Use a digital signature in the request to SCI


All other properties (COMMISSION PAYS, Accept underpayment, Accept overpayment) are your discretion.

Step 3.2

Step 3: Set up advanced properties

  • SCI name
  • Your Website address (such as
  • Email for notifications
  • Email to display in SCI
  • Password

Step 3.3


All other links (Successful transaction page, Failed transaction page, Status page) should remain unfilled; they are set through API.


You have set up and activated the SCI.

Connect Account

Step 1: Copy required credentials from

  • Account Email (the primary email linked with your Profile)
  • API Name
  • API Password
  • SCI Name
  • SCI Password

Step 2: Connect account at the Corefy Dashboard

Press Connect at AdvCash Provider Overview page in 'New connection' to open Connection form. Enter copied credentials from Step 1.



You have connected AdvCash account!

Still looking for help connecting your AdvCash account?

Please contact our support team!