How we helped Boosta facilitate payment acceptance across several projects
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How we helped Boosta facilitate payment acceptance across several projects

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The idea of creating Boosta appeared in 2014 and belongs to Dmitry Bondar and Yaroslav Baklan. Boosta is a big platform that develops and promotes IT products that make life easier for people around the world.

Boosta operates in 3 product niches:

  • marketing tools;
  • educational portals;
  • R&D.

Covering a range of markets around the globe, Boosta provides multidirectional projects in the educational niche aimed at helping students and junior talents.

Before Corefy

Previously, Boosta used direct integrations with PSPs to process their payments. But they abandoned this strategy after some time due to the complexity of technical support. In their quest for a holistic payment solution, Boosta reached out to Corefy by referral. The process of onboarding took about 2 weeks. And below are the pains we helped them to convert into gains.

Payments expertise required

Boosta found it resource-draining to constantly support and update each existing connection with PSP and establish the new ones. Moreover, the intricacy of their payments flows accrued.


Our payment team provided the smooth payments processing infrastructure and full technical support, including maintenance and timely updates of the necessary integrations for Boosta’s specific business needs. Our Smart Routing engine allowed Boosta to untangle the payment flows and optimise its performance setting custom routes for transactions across multiple payment providers and methods. So, the process of handling payments became much easier for Boosta.

Need for versatile payment methods

Boosta provides its services to customers in a range of Western markets. So, they wanted to be sure that all of their customers can pay for their services conveniently regardless of their geographical location. Offering their clients to pay using the preferred payment methods, including the specific local ones, would do good. But integrating the needed payment methods directly each time appeared to be quite time-consuming and labour-intensive.


One integration with our platform provided Boosta with an opportunity to connect with a range of PSPs necessary for their specific business needs. We also constantly provide full technical support and updates for each connection. So, Boosta can just accept payments and cease worrying about the processes under the hood. Having no need to tackle and support direct integrations Boosta got the possibility to concentrate on business development.

Customers’ payment experience

Having separate connections with each PSP and acquirer added certain rough edges to customers’ experience during checkout. When clients decide to pay online, they are redirected to a payment page. And it’s crucial for this page to be clear, user-friendly, and secure. Redirection to pages with a different design may seem suspicious for the customers and cause cart abandonment. In the long run, this can lower customers’ trust and impact the conversion rate.


Our white label solution allowed Boosta to adjust the payment page to its own design (customise brand colours, fonts, logos, and buttons). The unified look and feel of the payment page and the site raised brand awareness and increased customers’ trust.

Cooperation with Corefy allows Boosta not to think about the nuts and bolts of payment processing at all. Our experts and smart tools undertake everything, so the Boosta team has the opportunity to shift their focus back on business development.

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