How Kuna used our holistic solution to scale their success
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How Kuna used our holistic solution to scale their success

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We gave the first cryptocurrency exchange in the CIS region a single place to manage its operations and provide payment services to other businesses.

Kuna is the first public cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine, founded by entrepreneur and think tank Michael Chobanyan in 2015. The platform allows people to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Paired with bitcoin, they trade their own token KUN, as well as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Stellar, Golos-Gold, EOS, TrueUSD, Waves, XEM, and others. The platform also allows for trading within a mobile application.

3 core challenges Corefy helped Kuna to overcome

The process of cryptocurrency exchange implies that clients might want to deposit funds into their accounts, trade on the exchange, and then withdraw money. This meant that the primary goal for Kuna was a flawless way to make payments and payouts. Kuna partnered with a variety of payment processors and acquirers through direct integrations. But the more integrations they had, the more complex their payments handling became. And without smart routing schemes, the costs of maintenance of all the connections almost eroded the value of having them.

Hiring a full team of experts to develop Kuna’s own processing solution could help. But considering this action plan the business collided with certain challenges. See below how we helped Kuna to fulfil all their business needs and even more.

Challenge #1: developing a processing solution is time-consuming and expensive

So, at top of mind was the lack of development resources and expertise for building a reliable solution to process payments and payouts. Hiring a team of developers turned out to be quite a complex and time-consuming plan. Moreover, the created solution would require subsequent support and maintenance. So, business experts from Kuna decided to gain the support of Corefy. The onboarding process took about a month. After that they got a complete solution to accept payments and make payouts.

Challenge #2: direct integrations are expensive

The client also realised a strong need to support a range of various payment methods and providers, respectively. Several direct integrations covered this requirement at the outset, but then Kuna stumbled upon draining costs of transactions and the constant need to connect the emerging payment methods. On top of that, each integration required developers’ assistance and updates. One integration with the Corefy platform allowed Kuna to reach dozens of providers and twice as many payment methods without any need to hire IT specialists.

Challenge #3: tangled payment flows

Using different PSPs and direct acquirers made the payment flows quite tangled and also impended over the cost-efficiency of the business processes. Corefy provided Kuna with a payment orchestration platform supporting 100+ providers and 250+ payment methods. It helped their business to significantly reduce costs on commissions and meet the requirements of their customers from abroad. Smart routing and cascading of payments allowed them to set the most relevant route for each transaction in order to boost conversion and protect themselves from PSPs downtime. Kuna got a unified dashboard to monitor all processes and analyse them in a snap with the help of reports and analytics features.

Long-run benefits

Kuna decided to rely on the Corefy platform in the realm of payment processing first. But our team provided a complex scalable solution and allowed the business to fully focus on their clients without having to distract on the development and technical support of payment solutions. The onboarding process took less than a month. We provided a full-fledged solution to process all the transactions in a hassle-free way. One integration with Corefy allowed Kuna to accept payments in currencies and methods preferred by their clients, and to make payouts hassle-freely. Having chosen a sophisticated out-of-the-box solution from Corefy, they got:

  • Payment orchestration platform for smooth payments processing;
  • User-friendly unified dashboard for convenient monitoring, reconciliation, and analysis of transactions data;
  • Smart routing & cascading for costs optimisation and diversification of risks;
  • White label payment provider to deliver payment services to their merchants;
  • White label checkout with a customised design for frictionless user experience and trust due to the brand identity;
  • P2P terminal — a cost-efficient way to accept payments and make payouts.

Utilising the Corefy platform Kuna got a set of smart tools at their fingertips. Our business intelligence allowed for substantial savings, a 10% boost of conversion, and gave Kuna a potential for upward movement.

Corefy acted as a technical partner in the launch of UAX —Cryptogryvna™

During the period from February 20 to March 20, 2020, Kuna went through the technical launch of the project Cryptogrivna™ or UAX — a type of stablecoin, with a 1:1 ratio to the Ukrainian Hryvnia. The UAX token is created and transferred on the blockchain and enables users to take full advantage of the distributed ledger. The token exists on the Ethereum blockchain, written on the ERC 20 and 865 standards.

The UAX token has been already integrated on the platform, in the Paytomat wallet and Trustee Wallet. Users will also be able to store the UAX token on any wallet which supports digital tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain. Corefy acted as a technical partner in the launch of UAX and has also integrated it into the platform. We are always open to cooperation!

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